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On December 10th 2009 Companion House celebrated 20 years with a festive evening including speeches, performances and refreshments.

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Companion House ran two major health projects: The Healthy Communities Project and The Young Men Growing Project.The Healthy Communities Project focussed on health education for adults. The project covered topics of nutrition, a broad range of…

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Lack of affordable housing continued to be a problem in Canberra, however with the Refugee Transitional Housing Program helped in alleviating some of the problem in regards to finding housing for refugees.

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In 2009 ‘Companion House became the first non-government organisation to opt into the ACT Human Rights Act, agreeing voluntarily to be bound by the Act’.Read more about the ACT Human Rights Act here:…

As part of celebrations of Companion House’s 20th anniversary a visual display was created by six children from the Mon, Karen, Irawi, Dinka and Sierra Leone refugee communities. The art piece was a colourful creative exhibit that portrayed the…

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