History of Companion House

2004: Groups and projects


2004: Groups and projects


During 2004 Companion House held a number of groups and projects:

Men’s groups – In 2004 there were several men’s groups held. One was a psyco-educational group that assisted with depression and related conditions, creating a supportive environment and working through coping strategies. There were also art groups held at the Belconnen Community Centre.

Women’s groups – Activities in the women’s groups focussed on light exercise sessions to help assist with somatised distress and self care.

Gardening Group – A gardening group was formed in conjunction with Belconnen Community service. They created a garden at Companion House and took multiple excursions out to gardens and nurseries around Canberra.

Writing Project – Once again a writing group was held. Thirty people from a diverse range of backgrounds came together to participate in the writing project where they practiced writing.

Consultative Groups – Several consultative groups were formed with the Mon and Sudanese community. These groups focussed on transcultural mental health issues, community needs and future service development.







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