History of Companion House

2009: Companion House 20th Anniversery Children’s Display


2009: Companion House 20th Anniversery Children’s Display


As part of celebrations of Companion House’s 20th anniversary a visual display was created by six children from the Mon, Karen, Irawi, Dinka and Sierra Leone refugee communities. The art piece was a colourful creative exhibit that portrayed the children’s experience of coming to Australia. The children worked together for six weeks developing and working on the project together. The children were keen to ‘give back’ to Companion House and were excited to add art that made ‘the room beautiful’. The art piece contained brightly colour silhouettes of the children and matching coloured ribbons that represented their journey through a cardboard Companion House model. The art was left up for the duration of the celebration, after which it was taken down and the children were given the pieces they had created back. Each child was also presented with certificates and their family was given feedback on the project.






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