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February – TRANSACT’s first formal meetings were held to form the organisation.

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Visiting and making food.

Visiting and talking to the refugees in Companion House

As part of celebrations of Companion House’s 20th anniversary a visual display was created by six children from the Mon, Karen, Irawi, Dinka and Sierra Leone refugee communities. The art piece was a colourful creative exhibit that portrayed the…

Trauma and Resettlement for people from Southern Sudan 2008.pdf
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Annual Report 2009-2010.pdf
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2008-9 report.pdf
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3590_Darkness to light_web_s.pdf
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A noble girl honoured.pdf
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The Story of the Lost Boys 2007.pdf
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The Karen People 2008.pdf
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CH Newsletter Sept 2005.pdf
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CHnewsletterSept 2004-a.pdf
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Soccer poster 19 June 2010 LOCKED.pdf
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Flyer for International Women's Day.pdf
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current CH Brochure- Nov 2015.pdf
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annual report 2013 a (1).pdf
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G-G praises Canberrans at Investiture: Ye Moe, Kathy Ragless and Badeau

annual report 2012.pdf
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new doc 2017-10-04 13.48.12_1.jpg
Burmese Dancers

Annual Report 2000 - 2001.pdf
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Tui Chung performing a traditional dance.

2010-2011 Companion House Annual Report-1.pdf
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Mustafa Ehsan.

Refugees from Myanmar performed traditional dances and songs.

2006 annual report.pdf
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1013. Healing the victims of Burma's brutal regime: A Burmase woman with newborn child
1014. Healing the victims of Burma's brutal regime: Dr Cynthia Maung with a child

2004 annual report.pdf
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Cherish.Hong Tlanon, Soekamor Kyipay, Kamal Ahmed, Deng Aleer, Prasi Khoe Khoe, Cheam Banyar.

2003 annual report.pdf
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4 Young men Practising soccer, Hong Tlanon, Soekamor Kyipay, Kamal Ahmed, Deng Aleer.

2007 Sept Newsletter.pdf
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Companions House is support a Canberra social enterprise.

2011 Sept newsletter (standard).pdf
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1:- Aiekhine Hongsa, Ash Win, and Wot Chen.
2:-Hongsar Channaibanya and Richard Towie.
3:-Andrew Durante and Stuart Meney.
4:-Hia and Tamia Yi.
5:-Chuong Huynh, Tony Edwards, Andrew Sein, Danny Maroun, and Emily Lambert.
6:-One person, and…

Newsletter May 2010 final.pdf
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November 2009 CH newsletter.pdf
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Newsletter Oct 2008.pdf
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Newsletter with 26 pages and images

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May Newsletter 08.pdf
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2011_June newsletter.pdf
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2013 Newsletter.pdf
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Gardening Coordinator Hongsar Channaibanya inspects the gourd.

Annual Report 2008.pdf
Annual Report

Working with school children from refugee backgrounds, 2 pages, no images

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24.pgs with images

2013/14 Annual Report for Companion House
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