History of Companion House

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Companion House continued with their annual soccer tournament on World Refugee Day once again in 2010 with six teams from the Chin, Karen, Liberian, Mon, Sierra Leone and Sudan communities. 2010 was the first year that the Liberian team participated,…

2008 marked the first year in which the Mon and Karen communities had participating teams in Companion House’s Refugee Soccer Day match, along with the Sierra Leone and Sudan teams. Sierra Leone won the first match against the Sudanese team 6-2, and…

Companion House hosted a World Refugee Soccer day event with 300 people from refugee and soccer communities across Canberra showing up to participate in the event. One of the goals of the event was to bring the Sudan and Sierra Leone communities…

Photos of each teams

Cherish.Hong Tlanon, Soekamor Kyipay, Kamal Ahmed, Deng Aleer, Prasi Khoe Khoe, Cheam Banyar.

4 Young men Practising soccer, Hong Tlanon, Soekamor Kyipay, Kamal Ahmed, Deng Aleer.

1:- Aiekhine Hongsa, Ash Win, and Wot Chen.
2:-Hongsar Channaibanya and Richard Towie.
3:-Andrew Durante and Stuart Meney.
4:-Hia and Tamia Yi.
5:-Chuong Huynh, Tony Edwards, Andrew Sein, Danny Maroun, and Emily Lambert.
6:-One person, and…
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