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141 minutes

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142 minutes

2013/14 Annual Report for Companion House

24.pgs with images

24.pgs with images

Working with school children from refugee backgrounds, 2 pages, no images

Annual Report 2008.pdf
Annual Report

2013 Newsletter.pdf
7 pages

2011_June newsletter.pdf
10 pages with clipart

May Newsletter 08.pdf
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14 pages with images

Newsletter with 26 pages and images

12 pages with images

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12 pages with images

November 2009 CH newsletter.pdf
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Newsletter May 2010 final.pdf
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2011 Sept newsletter (standard).pdf
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2007 Sept Newsletter.pdf
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2003 annual report.pdf
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2004 annual report.pdf
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2006 annual report.pdf
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2010-2011 Companion House Annual Report-1.pdf
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Annual Report 2000 - 2001.pdf
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annual report 2013 a (1).pdf
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current CH Brochure- Nov 2015.pdf
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Flyer for International Women's Day.pdf
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Soccer poster 19 June 2010 LOCKED.pdf
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CH Newsletter Sept 2005.pdf
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2008-9 report.pdf
26.pgs with images

Annual Report 2009-2010.pdf
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2006 07 ann rep.pdf

Double sided flyer with map


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Artwork made up of clay tiles that all have unique designs.

Image uplhuhhaded from iOS crop.jpg
A quilt of 100 patched together squares, some have figures of women on them which are all decorated uniquely and in between the figures are patches of different cloths.

3590_Darkness to light_web_s.pdf
53 pages with images

new doc 2017-10-04 13.50.25_1.jpg
Tui Chung performing a traditional dance.

4 Young men Practising soccer, Hong Tlanon, Soekamor Kyipay, Kamal Ahmed, Deng Aleer.

The Story of the Lost Boys 2007.pdf
2 pages no images

Trauma and Resettlement for people from Southern Sudan 2008.pdf
8.pgs with no images

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Gardening Coordinator Hongsar Channaibanya inspects the gourd.

A noble girl honoured.pdf
1 page no images

Cherish.Hong Tlanon, Soekamor Kyipay, Kamal Ahmed, Deng Aleer, Prasi Khoe Khoe, Cheam Banyar.

1013. Healing the victims of Burma's brutal regime: A Burmase woman with newborn child
1014. Healing the victims of Burma's brutal regime: Dr Cynthia Maung with a child

Refugees from Myanmar performed traditional dances and songs.

Mustafa Ehsan.

Painting of a blue globe with sapling growing from soil in closed hands

A painting of an ocean with a cloudy blue sky overlapped with stairs and various people engaging in different activities

Woman holding a broken blue thong and two children. The background is a blue sky, barbed wire, a fence and flora

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Painting in an outback setting with a road and kangaroos. On one side of the road there is green grass and fighting and on the other side of the road there is desert and peace.

A woman gazes off to the distance while sitting for her portrait.

Earth with streams of light emanating from a sapling growing from soil in closed hands

Ocean with cloudy blue sky overlapped with stairs and various people engaging in different activities

Woman holding a broken Flip-flop and two children. The background is a blue sky, barbed wire, a fence and flora

Companions House is support a Canberra social enterprise.

The Karen People 2008.pdf
4 Pages no images

G-G praises Canberrans at Investiture: Ye Moe, Kathy Ragless and Badeau

Woman in a green dress sitting with yellow and red pots. Background is orange/yellow

PArents Resource.jpg
33 pages

Schools Bk.jpg
26 pages

Transact Bk.jpg
59 pages

Companions Bk.jpg
32 pages

historical background.pdf
28.pgs with no images

Textile of two women and a child engaged in an unknown activity and a green background

Bird sitting on a branch. Everything is made up of different shells

1:- Aiekhine Hongsa, Ash Win, and Wot Chen.
2:-Hongsar Channaibanya and Richard Towie.
3:-Andrew Durante and Stuart Meney.
4:-Hia and Tamia Yi.
5:-Chuong Huynh, Tony Edwards, Andrew Sein, Danny Maroun, and Emily Lambert.
6:-One person, and…

new doc 2017-10-04 13.48.12_1.jpg
Burmese Dancers

As part of celebrations of Companion House’s 20th anniversary a visual display was created by six children from the Mon, Karen, Irawi, Dinka and Sierra Leone refugee communities. The art piece was a colourful creative exhibit that portrayed the…

Visiting and talking to the refugees in Companion House

Visiting and making food.

February – TRANSACT’s first formal meetings were held to form the organisation.

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4-Tonne Project Fundraiser - Team behind the project

Community Development N/I

4th July Tuesday – TRANSACT advertisement in The Canberra Times for their first AGM. A short piece featured in the ‘Fridge Door’ section of ‘A daily guide to life in the national capital’. The article gives a short description of the organisation’s…

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AFL and Companion House Partner Up for Holiday Program

Loka Chanmi is a refugee from Thai-Burma border who was helped by Companion House to set up a Cafe in Woden called Cafe Ink

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Photos of each teams

UC alumna Diana Abdel-Rahman was the special guest speaker at the University's UN World Refugee Day morning tea.


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15th July Saturday – FIRST AGM HELD: Gloria Oyarzun Story published in Canberra Times. The story ‘Nightmare Memories of Chilean Torture’ written by Amanda Lynch, tells of Gloria Oyarzun’s harrowing ordeal, having suffered torture and rape by the…

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29th October Monday – ‘Lives scarred by the terror of torture’ Megan Bird article published on Chi & Anh’s Vietnamese Communist Regime stories. The horrific account of two Vietnamese woman who witnessed and endured unimaginable torture at the hands…

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1-Two people dreesed in red, matching clothes
2- Two people dreesed in red and pink, matching clothes
3- Two people dressed in yellow matching clothes and holding hands
4- Two people dressed in matching clothes side by side

24th March Saturday – Grant received! TRANSACT received $20,000 from the ‘ACT Government's community grants scheme’ to train a network of health professionals. Joan Morris’ ‘Grant for Torture Therapy’ article published in Canberra Times, 24th March…

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An Artwork of a green and brown hut.

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2nd October Friday – A short advertisement in The Canberra Times ‘Fridge Door’ information section, advertising Workshops being run by TRANSACT Half Day Workshop on Torture and Rehabilitation at Griffin Centre on Saturday 6th October, 9am -1pm for…

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19th June Wednesday – A small article in The Canberra Times written by Marion Frith, expresses the frustration TRANSACT are experiencing following a break in and all funds (Cash Tin) stolen, whilst they had clients depending on these resources.

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A 19 page illustrated guide is published by TRANSACT. “TRANSACT health kit : a guide for doctors and health professionals in providing treatment to survivors of torture and trauma / Torture Rehabilitation and Network Service ACT”

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Over the course of the year Companion House developed and implemented several successful programs for adults:Men’s social group – 25 men participated in the group that emphasised social activities, mutual support of one another and the development of…

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8th March Sunday – ‘Focus for Community Activities’ article published in The Canberra Times, article refers to TRANSACT being one of the many community based, sole-use tenants of the Griffin Centre. As part of the Griffin Centre write up, the page…

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